This has been a great calf year with two double polled A2/A2 red bulls!  Plus a red polled A2/A2 bull, and a double polled A2/A1 bull!

We’ll be keeping the two A2/A2 double polled (SKF CLANCEY and SKF CASSIAN) for next year’s breeding to determine which one we want to keep for our herd sire.  But the other two are available for sale this year.

Available bulls (pictures soon):

SKF Brody – Red carried dun, A2/A2, polled – a real sweet fellow – loves to be scratched and very people friendly.  DOB 11/5/14

SKF Branigan – Red carries dun, A2/A1, double polled.  Comfortable around people but not overly friendly.  DOB 10/22/14

Chaney’s Cherokee Red – proven bull.  A2/A2, polled.  Used as herd sire for Spring 2015 calves.  Gentle and very good form.  DOB 3/10/13

Available Heifers (pictures soon):

SKF Cattee – black polled heifer.   DOB 4/12/15

SKF Collena – black polled heifer.   DOB 6/1/15

Our adult cows may also be available for sale.  Let us know what you’re looking for and perhaps we can meet that need.  


These beauties are already enjoying their new home at Poplar Spring Farm.  

SKF Brianna

SKF Brianna – heifer – SOLD


SKF Brigit – heifer – SOLD

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