100% Grass Fed Beef

One of the things we love about farming is the wonderful, healthy food you can make available to others. We especially love our grass fed beef. The flavor of 100% pure, grass fed Dexter Beef or Dexter/Jersey beef is delicious! You’ll be able to taste the difference! In 2008, the Dexter breed was rated one of the top favorites in a blind taste testing of heritage breeds and several widely available breeds of cattle.  

And the health benefits are great too!  A PBS Frontline article entitled “Know Your Meat” notes that “Meat from a grass-fed steer has about one-half to one-third as much fat as a comparable cut from a grain-fed animal. Lower in calories, grass-fed beef is also higher in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to help reduce the risk of cancer, lower the likelihood of high blood pressure, and make people less susceptible to depression. Further, meat from grass-fed cattle is rich in another beneficial fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which supposedly lowers the risk of cancer. The benefits of CLA are so widely acknowledged that some ranchers who don’t grass-finish their cattle add CLA supplements to their animals’ feed once they’re taken to the feedlots.”

ALL of our cattle are on pasture 100% of the time and are only supplemented with hay and minerals.  Since they are totally grass fed and have fresh water from a well,  antibiotics are normally not needed.  We do not give them any growth hormones and we do not fertilize our pastures with chemical fertilizers or bio-solids.  Chemical fly treatments are not used on our farm as we use fly predators, roving turkeys and chickens which are natural fly controls.

Our steers mature in 18 to 33 months and result in small cuts of high quality lean meat, graded choice, with little waste. The average dress out is normally around 50 percent and the beef is slightly darker red than that of other breeds.

We regularly have beef for sale.  Here at Shepherds Knoll, we offer 3 purchase sizes:

  • a whole cow

  • a half of cow

  • a quarter cow.

Price is based on hanging weight and does not include butcher’s fees.

  • “Choice” age animal – 18 – 33 months old.  $4.25 per lb hanging weight

  • “Young Cull” age animal : 33-60 months old.  $3.85 per lb hanging weight

  • “Senior Cull” age animal – over 60 months old.  $3.45 per lb hanging weight 

Email us and get on our contact list for offerings.